Caroline Coles: Age Grouper

I contacted Mark after meeting him at the World Championships and realising I needed a structured training plan if I wanted to improve my Age group position and move from Sprint to Olympic distance. I liked the fact he was a competing athlete and was up to date with the latest training methods. A winter spent on the watt bike, treadmill & the pool saw some fantastic early season successes. PB’s on all races, the GB qualification races saw automatic spots for Sprint distances narrowly missing the podiums but my highest ever finishing positions to date. My first 2 Olympic distances I finished 1st and 2nd in my AG and secured my worlds place. Mark works with you to make sure the 8 week plan is flexible, specific and regular performance measures ensure you are being pushed. It fits around my family and work and that’s also very important

Hannah Thompson: Aspirational athlete

Despite only taking up triathlon in September 2014, I have already achieved success in triathlon far beyond what I had thought I was capable of, and I was delighted to qualify for the AG World Sprint Championships in my first ever triathlon! Being a novice, I have asked Mark for his advice in many areas of triathlon (races, training, injuries, nutrition etc.) throughout the year and I am very thankful for the time he has taken to give me such fantastic support. Thanks to the mySMARTcoach programme, I have gone from strength to strength and am still as motivated now as I was on day 1! I recently decided to take on a new challenge and complete a half iron man, and Mark adjusted my training programme to account for this. I am really looking forward to the races I still have left in my first season as a triathlete, knowing that I am fully prepared and ‘race ready’ thanks to the mySMARTcoach programme.

Kevin Dargue: Goal – to see how far he could go

“Mark at mySMARTcoach has taken me, a 50 year old total novice, with no swimming, no cycling and minimal running race experience to GB Age Group qualified for the Sprint Triathlon World Finals in Chicago. Mark’s commitment and flexible, adaptive 8 week programs keep you motivated and the continuous improvement, without injury, has provided results well beyond the original goals. Mark has always been on hand to answer technical questions, provide support and change the program to suit family and work commitments.”

Jen Isaac – Complete her first Ironman

“After completing my first ever triathlon towards the end of the 2014, I contacted Mark to see if he could create a training programme to help me achieve my rather farfetched goal of completing an Ironman in 2015. Not only did the mySMARTcoach programme equip me with the required level of fitness to complete Ironman France in a respectable time, it ensured I stayed injury free and also enabled me to qualify for the AG World Triathlon Championships in both Sprint and Olympic distance in the same year. Mark seems to have a knack of tapping into what makes his athletes tick and manages to use this knowledge to motivate commitment and establish new levels of dedication.”

Tim Gray – Go sub 2.10 Olympic & podium for age group

“I’ve been working with Mark properly since October 2014 following the ITU World Championships in Edmonton. I’d been largely self-trained up until that point but wanted to create a step-change in my performance for the 2015 season. Working with Mark to define my targets for each discipline, he built my training plans through the winter and early spring to deliver these performance improvements. Strictly following his detailed training plans and reporting back has resulted in the improvements that I was looking for – my goals were to go sub 2.10 for standard distance races, podium and qualify for the European Championships in 2016 and improve my performance at the ITU World Championships in Chicago. So far I’ve gone 2.10 or better in two races already this season and finished 2nd (AG) at the ITU London Triathlon. I’ve still got to qualify for the Euro’s and Chicago is still a little way off but I’m confident that with the work that I’ve done with Mark in preparation for this season, my best performances are still ahead of me!”

Edmund Fletcher: Goal – Sub 10hr Ironman

“I had a year to go from zero to ironman, Mark set my programme to do this, tweaking it as needed and providing valuable support. Ultimately mission accomplished and I surpassed all my initial expectations.”*

Simon Colvan: Goal – to revitalise a plateau in training.

“My tri training had plateaued and I wasn\‘t seeing the kind of improvements I was looking for. I\‘ve been using one of Mark\‘s mySMARTcoach bespoke training plans throughout the winter and I\‘m swim/bike/running fast than ever. I\‘ve set myself a fairly challenging PB target this summer – and thanks to Mark\‘s training programme I\‘m confident I will achieve it!”

Nicola Jordan: Goal – to swim with confidence

“When Mark started coaching me at swimming, I couldn’t swim front crawl at all, had never swum in open water and never worn a wetsuit! I had one lesson in the pool and then all my other lessons were in Shepperton lake with Mark in a kayak alongside. I was quite nervous to start with (I hardly got my face wet the first time in the lake), but Mark worked on building confidence and doing a bit more each lesson. He is great at motivating people to want to achieve more than they think they are capable of. He is also good at finding just the right way to approach an issue so that you think “yes, I understand what I need to do now”. On the first lesson, I stopped every ten strokes or so – I can now do 1,500m without stopping. Thanks Mark.”

Ian Talbot: Novice Triathlete
“Being a complete novice when it came to triathlon, one season of “just” swimming (and I use the term loosely), biking and running became a bore and was not giving me anywhere near the improvements that I had anticipated. Mark listened to my goals and just as importantly, to my current strengths and weaknesses before creating an easy to follow mix n match programme – allowing me to choose which sessions to do and when. The my SMARTcoach templates then allowed for easy planning of weekly sessions too, which not only make it obvious if you are veering too much towards a single discipline but (in my case) give fantastic motivation to complete each session, week, phase, programme and before you know it – you’ve completed a 24 week programme, smashed your targets and are all set for the season ahead !!”

Scott Forsyth: Goal – smarter training.

My Goal was to reduce injuries whilst getting faster. Mark & mySMARTcoach has helped me to meet this goal through adding variety and rest weeks to my training programme.\”

Casper Craven: Goal – Swim with confidence.

“I wanted to improve my swimming confidence and technique. Mark is an awesome coach. Encouraging, understanding and able to pin point what you need to work on, and able to have a laugh at the same time. Follow up with emails is particularly good helping you to re-inforce what you learnt. If you want to improve your swimming, working with Mark is a no-brainer.\”

Yann Umbricht: Goal – Sub 10hr Ironman

“I was looking for a structured training programme that I could combined with my family life and a demanding job and still aiming for a sub 10 hour Ironman!! I also wanted a tailored programme to address my specific needs and work with a coach I could trust and have easy access to. mysmartcoach achieved all of the above! I\‘ve now completed 16 weeks of base training and my general fitness has massively improved, my swimming is much more efficient, my running is much faster and my cycling sessions are delivering a lot more power. Most importantly I have stayed injury free and my confidence level has increased hugely”

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