Personalised training programs

Personalised training programs are the ideal way to ensure that you reach your goal in optimum shape. Each program is specifically designed to focus on your strengths and weaknesses. Programs can focus around individual activities such as swimming, biking or running or include all three disciplines.

Duration of Training Programs

*All programs are unique to you and with a view to measure performance over the period of each program. Programs are traditionally sub divided into 8 week periods and these are known as ‘phases’. Each phase is specific according to the time of year and goal.

BASE phase: traditionally conducted over the winter months designed to build strength & endurance. To improve core skills for the second phase

PRE-COMPETITION phase: this phase sees an increase in intensity / speed as well as combining two elements together (bricks) in preparation for the final phase.

COMPETITION phase: the final phase can be the lead 6-8 weeks into the key goal or focus on fine tuning a specific aspect such as bike power or top end run speed.

Prior to any training program, a free mySMARTcoach consultation of 30 minutes is arranged where you goals for the season, personal bests, current levels of fitness* are establish to help structure the program to meet your specific requirement.

*fitness testing is advisable to gain a wider insight to current levels of fitness and a gauge to progress over the course of the program.

Basic Program

The price of each program is dependent on how many many sessions per week is required according to each persons requirements / fitness level.

Level 1 programs: are designed to get the individual into race fit shape so that they can achieve their goal working off ONE session per day.

Level 2 programs: are more advanced in detail focusing on TWO sessions per day and are designed to take you to the highest level.

NB: Programs can be structured around family and work commitments or designed to be free flowing allowing the individual to pick the session which they have time to complete.

Triathlon programs Program length Cost
Level 1: Sprint 8 - 16wks £65 per phase
Level 2: Sprint & Level 1: Olympic 8 - 16wks £75 per phase
Level 2: Olympic & Level 1: 70.3 16 - 24wks £75 per phase
Level 2: 70.3 16 - 24wks £75 per phase
Level 1 & 2: Ironman 16 - 32wks £75 per phase

In addition to multi discipline sports, training programs can be structured to cater for single sports such as swimming biking and running. A basic guide is below, but contact me for further information.

Running specific programs Program length Cost
5 - 10km 8 - 16wks £55 per phase
1/2 to Full Marathon 16 - 24wks £65 per phase

*All running programs have three options: novice, intermediate and advanced. They take into account current level of fitness, target goal time.

Advanced Programs

Advanced personalised programs make use of professional level data gained from a 20minute fitness test (FTP) prior to week one. This provides elite level data to ensure each program is specifically tailor made to achieve the best possible results. NB: Advanced programs include discounted 1-2-1. Please enquire about prices

Triathlon Programs Program length Cost Notes

NB: all programs periods will be honoured from 6months if an athlete becomes injured

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