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  • Perfect Cadence

    Today’s coaches corner is very unique as its a topic that covers all three disciplines: Perfect cadence.

    What’s is cadence? Cadence is simply the number of actions taken during the course of a minute. This will either be pedal strokes on the bike, strokes taken in the pool over a certain distance or number of steps per minute running.

  • Zwift Island

    Today’s coaches corner looks once more at how to make those long rides on the training bike / turbo / WattBike more bearable.

  • Brick Sessions

    Today’s coaches corner is all about brick sessions. Jen Isaac wanted to know when is best to start doing them and whether there are different lengths according to what distance you are racing.

  • Summer Set Backs

    With the weather on the turn, this can mean only one thing - the lakes will soon be open and that the nights become longer allowing for more mid week rides. But is this a good thing?

  • Hills and Flat Riding

    Today coaches corner is all about the merits of hills and / or riding the flats. Why and when will aid you towards achieving your goal.

    Winter hills: winter is all about building that strong base. Making your legs stronger will aid you come the increase in intensity during the season. Riding hills takes practice, knowing what gear to use, what cadence range, how much power you should be generating. Either way, riding hills will make you stronger. BUT if you only ever do hills, then will lose that cutting edge which riding the faster fasts can do, (see below).

  • Cycling Calls

    Today’s coaches corner is all about Calls when cycling.

    The louder the better when riding. Shouting out information will give all those who are riding within group the correct information they might need to make adjustments in their riding.

  • How often to test & what test to do

    Susie posed today’s Coaches Corner question about Testing. She wanted to know How often we should test and What tests we should do.

    Testing periodically is key to monitoring progress and checking whether the previous weeks / months training is working. If you have positive test data, then you can imply that the training is working. If the data is however not what you expected, it could come down to breaks in the training phase due to illness, injury or missed session or could indicate the the structure of the sessions are no appropriate.

  • Group riding

    Today’s coaches corner is looking at Group Riding.

    When riding in a group, there are a number of things you should know, do and avoid in order to ensure that the group is safe, productive & effective. Here’s a basic guide.

    Single line or two-a-breast? A certain times you can look to adopt either riding position in a group. Knowing when & why will aid for a safer and more enjoyable ride.

  • The long turbo session

    With the weather being up or down. There are times when you don’t want to ride outside due to the rain, cold or even restricted by time. If you chose to opt out of that weekly long ride you will be pausing your progress and the stronger the base developed during the winter months then the higher you will be able to push your threshold come the season.

    Here are a couple of simple ways to break down that long turbo session

  • Safe Riding

    Today’s Coaches Corner is a key one - Riding Safely.

    We love riding our bikes, but at times, it can be dangerous out there. This can be due to the weather, fading light, road conditions, such as pot holes, oil and of course cars. Minimising those risks will make for a more pleasant and relaxing ride.

    Here are a few tips and pieces of advice that may well help.

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