1-2-1 Coaching

Has your current training hit a plateau? Do you lack motivation and drive? Is there a specific event or goal that you want to achieve? Or do you just need to be driven to get to the next level? If yes, then specific 1-2-1 professional coaching with mySMARTcoach is the next step forward.

1-2-1 mySMARTcoach sessions are designed to provide close personal attention around improving your current levels of fitness, speed and endurance and taking them to the next level. Your progress can be either within a single sport or across numerous sports that cover multi discipline sports like triathlon or duathlon:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Running

Sessions are designed around specific areas you consider need attention, or sessions you need that extra motivation to get through. Furthermore for example they can focus on efficient swim technique, threshold development in running, cycling efficiency or core strength conditioning.

In addition, sessions can focus on more unique aspects of each sport such as:

  • Open water coaching: improving confidence in open water, improving sighting and turning.
  • Transitions: Dramatically reducing your transition time.
  • Fitness testing: monitoring progress across a program.
  • Basic bike management: Efficient gear management when riding up hills, within a group.
  • Basic bike maintenance: Changing an inner tube or tubular tyre.
  • Flexibility & mobility development: Working on developing a great range of movement.

1-2-1 coaching is ideal for a first time novice athlete who is seeking to become more confident or efficient through to the more experienced athlete who is looking for that extra 10%.

1-2-1 Sessions £55 per hour

1-2-1 coached sessions will vary in length according to the requirements of the session, with specific coaching for swimming, biking, running or transition.

  • 30 minutes: £35
  • 45 minutes: £45
  • 60 minutes: £55

Each additional 10 minutes is charged at £5.

1-2-1 Session Blocks

You can purchase multiple blocks of 1-2-1 session time. These can be used with in a training period or as a gift. The time within the blocks can be used however you feel. i.e 2 hours = 2 × 1hr or 3 × 30mins etc.

  • 2 hours: £105 saving £5
  • 4 hours: £205 saving £15
  • 6 hours: £300 saving £30

Additional hours added to the block will be charged at £45 per hour to a maximum of 3.

To establish more specific individual data in relation to cycling or running. A bike or bike to run fitness protocol test can be performed. The test gathers a wide range of data which can be used in conjunction with a personalised training program or to monitor the individual’s progress.

Fitness testing

Although there are numerous tests which gather information, I favour the BT protocol which looks at both cycling and running within one test.

  • MAX power (watts)
  • AVERAGE power (watts)
  • MAX heart rate (bpm)
  • AVERAGE heart rate (bpm)
  • MAX cadence (rpm)
  • AVERAGE cadence (rpm)
  • Run specific Max & Average heart rate

If you would like to perform other recognised tests such as wattbike Functional Threshold Powe or RAMP test for cycling then they can be arranged.

The test lasts for 60 minutes and costs £60

Contact me for further information.

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